I am from Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), a nice city very close to the Adriatic Sea and to the Appennini's sweet hills, in Romagna's land (Italy).
Savignano has roman origins and some beautiful corners (#1, #2, ...)

    When I was a student I held several Catholic young people groups as path-responsible, trying to tell the Christian message with the major scope of theaching guys that "the real world was outside the protected group environment" and doing that people experienced-it on their skin. I suspected more and more times that this activity gave more to me than to the guys, since I had so much fun in doing it (volley match commentator). I also grown learning this "laws" thanks to many friends (some of).

I do enjoyed other experiences with true friends, such as travels, holydays, snow holidays (after my degree), and so on...

    I like to play music in order to make the people dance (=to be a DJ) in any occasion (partys, weddings,...) people allows to me to do!
    I am generally interested in communications.

Until 1997 I was part of an off-road team


 more in the future...last update 3rd july '00