Enrico Viarani's Curriculum Vitae
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In 1995 employed care of  "Aurel spa" as a software developer of graphic interfaces making user-friendly precision-screen printing machines. Since january to august 1997 employed as a CAD designer of resonance-cavities in a company manufacturing devices for radio broadcast trasmissions. In 1998 I was selected for a PhD position both at the University of Trento-Italy (microelectronics) and at the University of Bologna-Italy (computer vision). In 2001 I got the Ph.D. in Electronics/Computer-Science Engineering at the Bologna University (research done on computer vision algorithms). In 2000 I founded a company (www.imavis.com) for both manufacturing video-surveillance devices and developing software for third Parties.
Since 2004 to present I am senior product manager for Arteco (www.artecous.com), a company manufacturing videosurveillance systems. In 2005 I went to the US branch to train people to start the market activity. Usually my job consist in giving traces to technical staff about the new features to be implemented. I take care of the main customers. I have recently been in India to start relationships with the India’s Government in order to open new sales prospects.

Degree in physics in 3/17/95 in Bologna University (score 102/110). Course of studies characterized by sharp interest in electronics: "Electronics", "Applied Electronics" and "Micro-electronics", in fact, I chose as complementary courses. These, together with "Physics Laboratory" and "Physics experimentation" include main topics of electronics. I gained deep knowledge of the "Shotkley effect" in silicon microcircuits at Padova University Physics dept. (Italy) and I attended a training course in "Cadence" VLSI-Cad on silicon processors design. Graduation thesis reserched at "INFN National Laboratories" in Gran Sasso (Italy) optimizing and testing electronic cards of a neutrinos detector where I finally succeeded in getting the detector monitoring-software to run.
In 1988 I got "Technical-Industrial" certificate (with specialization in "Industrial Electronics") with a knowledge of "Z80" cpu and its interrupts rules.

During the 1999/'00 and 2000/'01 years I held in Cesena (Italy) the tutorials for the courses of Computer Architecture ("Calcolatori elettronici I") and Systems for Elaboration ("Sistemi di elaborazione") of the faculty of Electronics Engeneering, University of Bologna, Italy. In Cesena (Italy) I held for three years (2002 to ’04) a universitary course about the computer architecture ("Calcolatori elettronici L A") at the faculty of Electronics Engeneering, University of Bologna, Italy.

Since 1987 I have been involved with the service of some FM broadcasting repeaters and this gave me experience about tube amplification (up to 30 Kw), analogical modulation, low and mid-range radio links at several frequencies, and many kinds of problems concerning it. In this quality I became familiar with manual tasks in electronics, finding solutions to the most frequent problems, at low frequencies too (in audio range: mixers, cable links, analog and digital sound recording and reproduction). In the summer of 1995 I was in charge of relations between a radio station and the Italian Ministry of Telecommunications concerning changes of residence (and consequent change of residence-repeater link frequency) of this radio station.

Good: Pascal, Fortran, C, Basic and Assembler languages. Good knowledge of all Windows OSs; rough for Dos, Unix and Vms operative systems (the last only as user).

Good knowledge of English (written and spoken), discrete knowledge of French (studied for 6 years).

Complicated situations don't frighten me, but stimulate me to find solutions. I like working with a certain freedom and flexibility, being responsible for what I'm doing. I like research if proposed in order to get concrete results. I prefer a steady job, but I accept to stay away for business for rare and short periods. I like sports: jogging and swimming.

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